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  1. Testimonials
    "Bruce, I enjoy your website and your paintings, but also the message true. Hope someday you have a show in our area.". ...Ailene
  2. Testimonials
    "I have been following your Brandywine Valley Plein Air paint out and like your watercolors very much"..... Fred
  3. Testimonials
    "Seeing you at the show got me excited to begin painting more. I appreciate the information you sent to me awhile ago". Susan
  1.                "Anna's Porch"       
   Plein air from Kuerner Farm
    "Anna's Porch" Plein air from Kuerner Farm
    This original watercolor was painted at the farm sitting in front of the porch. Many times Andrew Wyeth painted here. Price: $ 425 SOLD but giclees available for $ 45
  2.         "The Purple Umbrella"
                    Plein Air
    "The Purple Umbrella" Plein Air
    This is part of the Thomas Mill on Goshen road in Chester County. I sat in front of this and painted it outside. This is called plein air. Price: $ 125 including shipping SOLD
  3.           "The Rain Gutter"
   Plein Air from Kuerner Farm
    "The Rain Gutter" Plein Air from Kuerner Farm
    This original watercolor was painted plein air at the Kuerner Farm in Chadds Ford, PA. Price: $ 165
  4.              "Shed in Indiana"
    "Shed in Indiana"
    This is located in Southern Indiana and shows how the fall leaves just highlight the shed. It is my greatest watercolor of fall. This original sells for $ 400
  5. "Anna's Woodshed"
    "Anna's Woodshed"
    Done as part of a Plein Air event on the Kuerner Farm honoring Andrew Wyeth as part of On Location. Price framed $ 175.00
  6. "Cackling Crows On 401"
    "Cackling Crows On 401"
    This painting was done of a barn on Rt 401 in Chester County that is no longer there. This is SOLD
  7. Flag at Gracefield
    Flag at Gracefield
    Painted during a plein air event in Chester County Framed for $ 175
    Painted during farm to table and is available unframed for $ 150